Luxury Massages and Facials at the comfort of your place


All of the treatments are available at your convenience, in the comfort of your home, office, or private events, including wedding or parties.



If you need a massage but your busy schedule doesn’t allow you to commute or you simply

don’t have the energy to leave your home, you can enjoy a mobile massage and pamper yourself

from the comfort of your home. So you can just sit back, relax and say goodbye to the

strains of the day. Available in London.



Show your staff you care with a corporate massage in the office! More companies are investing in

corporate massage services for their staff to increase moral and workplace satisfaction, as well as to

enhance individual health and well-being. 



Wedding preparation can be stressful: massage therapy can assist you in these hectic moments so

that you can get to your special day with no stress. From tip to toe, you can choose a massage to

release stress and nourish your skin so that you feel relaxed and look at your best.

It’s not a just pre-wedding treat, you can book a therapeutic massage session as a gift for the bride

and groom, the mother and father, the in-laws and the guests: Francesca works also for bachelorette

and wedding parties, bringing a sense of well-being and calmness into your special day.